Our Founder James Mapstone was formerly the Physical Education Manager at HMP & YOI Ashfield and had started developing a sport academy programme since 2004. HMP & YOI AShfield was the largest prison in Europe holding four hundred young men aged between 15 - 18 years old.

In 2007 the sport academy had become a model of best practice with over thirteen different sport acadmy programmes available and at any time had over a third of the prison population on a programme.

The success attracted a lage charity namely the Football Foundation. They invested in the project which saw the launch of our organisation and became the investment that created the 2nd Chance Group.

The project engaged through sport over 2000 young people in five years. It worked intensively with 165 young people providing each with a life plan, a package of support on release regardless of release address (which ranged from the South East, North West, Wales and down to the South West).

They were also supporting a further 20 in custody and 15 that had been moved to other establishments across teh Country. Of the 165 released, 92 had not offended or breached conditions in the twelve months post release. This equates to a 44% re-conviction rate (compared to the 67% national average).

This project was also featured in two other national research publications as the first of its kind. One report identified the Social Return on investment (SROI) which was identified as a £3.70 saving for every £1 invested in the project.

Copies of all research can be found in our external evaluations.