HMP Oakwood is located next to the existing HMP Featherstone and HMYOI Brinsford near Wolverhampton, HMP Oakwood will be one of the largest prisons in England and Wales, providing places for up to 1,605 Category C male prisoners

We supported the Physical Education department since the opening of the prison in 2012 and over the last three and a half years we developed 14 sport academy programmes, community partnerhsips and a successful sports mentoring service.

This included partnering up with the Skool of Hard Knocks who brought in their Glasgow team to play the Oakwood Rugby Academy for a televised rugby match. Post match included a motivational talk from Mike (one of our biggest success stories) and again, raised the profile of sport in prison.

The projecs impact:

  • There were a total of 72 participants who completed a sport academy ranging from football, rugby, boxing, cricket, volleyball. fitness or multi sports.
  • A total of 354 qualifications were achieved (includes 12 at level 3)
  • A total of 901 outcomes (includes both accredited and non accredited training)
  • The development of a Peer Mentoring service within Oakwood. This includes employing 7 qualified sports mentors. They supported inductions which inlcuded delivering first aid to their peers. The men in Oakwood delivered 1403 first aid qualifications, 207 121 mentoring sessions which totalled 5,796 hours. They also delivered 301 sport and fitness sessions for their peers totalling 3612 hours of engagement.