Throughout the programme we worked with 88 Academy participants through eleven sport academy programmes. We also engaged an additional 163 disengaged young people through the delivery of 858 workshops over the three years. Topics for workshops included money management, social and emotional management, problem solving etc.

During the three years, academy programmes provided a total of 25,654 purposeful hours and a total of 1529 qualifications. This also included training 25 young offenders as peer mentors.

Part of the role of academy participants and peer mentors was to provide activities for their peers (Voluntary hours). Throughout the three years a total number of 18,712 volunary hours were recorded.

From the 88 Academy paticipants:

- All young people had life plans and relevant referrals to support resettlement

- 54 young people were transferred to another prison (26 into the adult estate) with a continued package of support.

- 34 young people were released into the community

- From the 34 young people released and at the end of the project, only 7 had reoffended (5 of those have been reengaged).