Experience your own "evolution" with Coachmakers!

Young people who enrol with Coachmakers gain the confidence, self-discipline, knowledge and skills they need for a career in sport - take it from someone who knows!Read more

"Coachmakers has given me a massive headstart"

Elliot Baldwin confesses he "never thought he could become a great coach" until his career - and his confidence - was kick-started with a year at Coachmakers.Read more

Hundreds of young people have made a career in sport thanks to Coachmakers

Our courses give you all the skills, qualifications and support you need to become a sports coach or physical trainer – or go on to university to earn a sport-related degree.Read more

"If it wasn't for Coachmakers, I wouldn't be going to uni"

Back in 2014, Sam Cotton was working as an electrician's apprentice and "hated every minute of it". Discovering Coachmakers not only rescued him from his tyrant boss, but put him on the path towards his dream of becoming an elite football coach.Read more

"Coachmakers made me who I am today"

Kayley Lane is a classic Coachmakers success story, progressing through the ranks as a learner to become a much-valued member of the team.Read more


In his second blog, James Mapstone talks about the importance of building a robust evidence base and how their new Positive Action Group is bringing people together to help make the future case for sport, policy and practice.Read more

Public Health England praises "real impact" of NASDC

Public Health England's influence has already proved hugely beneficial to the National Alliance of Sport for the Desistance of Crime. PHE's Jackie Roberts explains why the NASDC is having a 'real impact' on health, wellbeing and crime.Read more

Teenage kicks: how sport is repairing the damage of sectarian conflict

Kickboxing is playing a big part in tackling crime and healing community divisions in Derry/Londonderry, as post-conflict tensions continue to damage young people's lives in the city.Read more