Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the need and benefits to being more socially responsible.

At 2nd Chance Group, we are proud to be a social business dedicated to growing and evidencing our impact against a triple bottom line (social, financial and environmental). This makes us ideally placed to help companies by:

  • connecting corporate objectives with real social responsibility projects
  • enhancing reputations by providing platforms to share social impact and success stories
  • attracting and retaining key stakeholders by engaging them in campaigns and events
  • boosting employee morale, commitment and productivity through engagement and training
  • developing grant-giving strategies linked to building a legacy of positive social change


Since 2008, we have worked with creative and influential thought leaders in using the power of sport to achieve social outcomes.

As a result, we can identify people and organisations with real social responsibility and connect them with potential corporate partners. We can also help your business form strategies focused on lasting social change.