“Coachmakers made me who I am today”

Coachmakers made me who I am todayKayley Lane is a classic Coachmakers success story, progressing through the ranks as a learner to become a much-valued member of the team.

Back in 2012, she had little idea of what direction her life would take as she left college without any desire to go to university. She did, however, have a passion for sports coaching, and some experience in football and on StreetGames doorstep sport sessions.

It was there she had met Natasha Mills, Head of Coachmakers, who pointed her towards our Level 2 Apprenticeship in Activity Leadership. Having completed that year-long course, she was put in touch with various coaching organisations for paid work, including the county FA and taking community sport sessions with StreetGames.

After that, Kayley progressed to the Level 3 Apprenticeship in Supporting Physical Education and School Sport with Coachmakers, enabling her to deliver PE lessons and extra-curricular sport clubs in schools.

So impressed was the team with her application and attitude that she was then taken on part-time as our Community Development Officer for Cornwall.

“There’s no doubt that Coachmakers has made me who I am today,” says Kayley. “They’ve not only taken me on as an apprentice, in community sport sessions and now in a part-time role, from the offset they’ve also supported me into different routes outside the organisation.

“They’ve provided me with really useful links to other external coaching posts. That’s helped me on my journey with all the experience I’ve gained through all the different types of sessions I was coaching.”

In her current part-time role, Kayley is still delivering sport engagement programmes all over Cornwall, but is also coordinating and funding sessions too. “I write bids and get the funding in to run programmes from scratch. It’s something I’ve had to learn along the way. That’s been a steep learning curve,” she says.

The last five years with Coachmakers have built up Kayley’s skillset and experience to such an extent she feels equipped to take steps towards her long-term ambition of a career in the Forces.

“In the short term I love what I’m doing now, but I’m really interested in the Forces ultimately.

“All of this community sport work I’ve been doing since college will help me no end, as in the Forces I will need good teamwork and social skills. Building a rapport with so many young people gives me a great grounding to go on to any number of things. The possibilities are endless.

“I’ve no idea what sort of direction I would have taken without Coachmakers, but without them I definitely wouldn’t have had the opportunities that I’ve had. I’ve loved every minute.”