We use the power of sport to repair broken lives and build a stronger future for young people.


We achieve this by:

  • Leading on the use of sport for the desistance from crime - we convene key stakeholders to support the delivery of best practice, policy and strategy. We also provide a global platform to share learning and celebrate success.
  • Creating chances - we train a huge workforce of coaches, mentors and thought leaders who use the power of sport to deliver positive experiences to more people in need of a second chance and build a stronger future for young people.


The Need

Breaking the damaging cycle of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) is at the core of everything we do. Read more >>


Our vision

Is a world where everyone lives in a peaceful, just and inclusive society.


Our Programmes

All our objectives are delivered through a range of innovative programmes. Read More>>


Our values

We are incredibly passionate about achieving our vision, but the way we achieve it is more important to us. These values represent our culture and guide our decision-making process:

  • Integrity‘The right thing, the right way’
  • Courage:‘Be the change you want to see'
  • Inspiration‘Our ambition is to inspire’
  • Quality‘Don’t be good, be great’
  • Success’We succeed when you do’


Our impact

We measure our impact against the five key performance indicators below. It is recorded and much of it has been independently assessed by academic experts. Read more >>