Youth Council

Youth Council

In 2017, we are launching a new Youth Council.

In September, we will seek representation across all our programmes, from Traineeships, programme of study to apprenticeships and from Bristol to Cornwall. The first Council meeting will take place in November and the frequency of meetings will be termly. The meeting location will be held at both the Bristol and Cornwall offices with all members present.

The aim of Youth Council is give our learners a voice in how their education is run and delivered. Creating this group allows us as to understand how the students feel about their education, what they like and what they feel could be improved.

Taking feedback from people who are going through the process of our qualifications will ensure that CoachMakers can change, adapt and progress the programmes to ensure they meet the needs and wants of both the students and our employers. This enables us to maximise the learning journey and support all of our learners.

Youth Council members will also get an opportunity to be involved in stakeholder meetings, managing our social media accounts and being an advocate, volunteer, decision-maker and leader in their local communities.